Aromatique Oil

Instant Pain Relief & Healing Massage Oil

This Phenomenal Ancient formula is truly amazing as to how quickly and easily it provides INSTANT relief from most pain.  A lovely scent.

This Extraordinary massage oil for Arthritis is also suggested to help relieve

Stiff Joints,  Neck & Back Pain,  Bursitis,  Aching Muscles,  Fractures,  Sprains,   Bruises,   Internal Pains,        Gastrointestinal Tract Complaints,   Rotator Cuff,  Head Pain,

Carpal Tunnel,  Fibromyalgia,  Sciatica,   Rheumatism,         Sore Tendons,   STROKE,   Sports Injuries, Multiple Sclerosis  etc.  

Helps to quickly get rid of  corns and bunions.                                                                                                                                                                

HEALTHY BODY- Aromatique Oil is a n INSTANT relief Miraculous, deep penetrating healing massage oil. 


Cedar wood and pine needle oils, oils of peanut, lanolin, sassafras root oil.


Most people only need 1 to 2 drops on the finger tip, or by using the roll on, and then massage into the effected area for 1 to 2 minutes.

Available Sizes:

1/2 dram  $10.

1 dram     $20.

1/6 oz .     $25.

2 Drams   $30.

1/4 oz.     $35.

1/3 oz .    $37.

1/2 oz.     $65.

1 oz.       $95.

2 oz.       $180.

3 oz.       $240.

4 oz.       $320.

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